Monday, August 25, 2014

Letting Go of the Past

Letting go is the process of releasing people, situations, thoughts, habits and patterns that no longer serve us and cause us pain. Letting go means surrendering our ego and self will and trusting that our highest good and greatest joy will be given to us.  Many of us tend to want to remain in control and refuse to let go even when we know it is in our best interests to.  Letting go is realizing that even when we really want something to occur in our lives, that sometimes it isn’t the right time for something to occur or to attain what we want.  Something else needs to be worked out first.  We don’t know what that is, but our Higher Power, God, the Universe, Source or whatever you want to call it always has our best interests at heart and has a better plan that we could ever have for ourselves (I will be using the word “God” from now on for consistency).  Know that timing is perfect.  Something so wonderful, so incredible, beyond our wildest dreams, better than we could have ever expected is in store for us.  We have to BELIEVE it in order for it to happen.  The key is getting out of our own way and making space for something bigger and better to happen.  We are the only one limiting our good.  Get out of the way and stop trying so hard to control everything.  LET GO, SURRENDER!

Many of us need to let go of negative belief systems. Some of our belief systems that we formed at a young age are faulty and don’t work to our benefit, but we cling to these beliefs because, although they don’t work for us, they are familiar. We may find ourselves in situations that repeatedly lead to unhappiness and frustration.  We don’t realize that there is something better and different available to us because we are blinded by our current reality.  As long as we remain stuck in these patterns, we don’t have to change. Change can be scary.  Unfortunately we wait until the pain of our lives gets so unbearable that we are forced to make a change.  It could be a situation that we need to let go of.  This may include releasing drama and stress from our lives by changing jobs, friendships, moving to a new place or finding alternative ways of interacting with others.  All of this suffering can be avoided if we let go on a daily basis to the will of God, and take the necessary actions we are guided to take.    

The first step in letting go is becoming aware that an area of our life is not working. Once we acknowledge that, take some time to just observe whatever comes up. As we are present in the moment, we can see clearly what is occurring in our lives. Once we have a conscious awareness of what we are doing, we can figure out what needs to change.

Next, we need to decide if we are ready to release this pattern. Until we are really open to change, nothing will budge. Letting go is up to us.  Letting go doesn't mean defeat, it means something isn't working and we need to consider other, more beneficial possibilities.  This is actually a very courageous act.  Once we acknowledge that something in our life isn't working, and we have made the conscious decision to let go, the next thing we need to do is find new ways of doing things. This step may take some time. Perhaps it may be observing ourselves and others to see what works and what doesn't.  Starting individual therapy, reading books, conversations with others or perhaps doing the healing work on ourselves through energy balancing, meditation, prayer, acupuncture, etc. are excellent ways to find answers.  Once you find the answer, replace the old belief with more self affirming one.  Consciously practice it when the old belief creeps in, and expect it to because it will.  Once practiced over and over, the new one will become second nature.  As we heal and balance ourselves we are breaking old patterns and finding new, better ways of living our lives. This is the path of letting go. When we release what no longer works, we are making room for something amazing to occur. We limit ourselves.  God doesn’t limit us.  I wonder how many wonderful opportunities have passed us by because of how our rigid view of the way things “should” have looked!

Letting go is a continuous process. We may surrender something only to latch back onto it.  It's important to remain present in the moment and continuously monitor what we are thinking, and doing. We don't want to fall back into old patterns. We don't want to release one thing only to replace it with something similar that doesn't work, just because it is familiar.  When we fear letting go, we don’t trust in God to provide the best for us.  Trust and faith is an important factor in letting go.  Breathe through the fear and discomfort of new situations and ways of being.  Feel the feelings.  Breaking patterns, letting go, and releasing things that do not serve us is a process that takes time, gentleness, flexibility and forgiveness.  May you walk gently on your path with God beside you every minute of every day and be guided to a life of greatness.  Don’t live another day in suffering and pain.  It’s a simple choice you can make.  Let go and let God!

Affirmation – I am letting go and releasing people, situations, thoughts, habits and patterns that no longer serve me.  I am open and receptive to all the good that my Higher Power has in store for me.  I live joyously, with love, peace, and prosperity always.

P.S. If you know someone who would like to learn more about letting go of what isn’t working and allowing in what will, please have them contact me.

Peace and Blessings,